Due Diligence

To create the best comparison site for online estate agents, and foster increased industry trust, we also conduct our own own due diligence.


In order for companies to display our ‘Verified Exceptional Agent’ trust badge, they need to meet at least the following criteria:


  • Be a registered UK company with a UK based office


  • ┬áHave manned telephone lines for at least 5 hours a day, 5 days a week


  • The website needs to be easy to use, secure and transparent on pricing


  • Any marketing / sales claims on the website must be verifiable


  • Excellent reviews from independent sources such as Trustpilot and Review Centre


  • In our ‘mystery shopping’ telephone calls (3 will be placed), reps must be knowledgeable, friendly and follow up on our call back requests


  • Emails must be responded to within a maximum of 24 hours


For consumers: Our trust badge indicates that your agent is dedicated to providing a great experience and it confirms that they have passed comprehensive checks. However, businesses can and do change so please conduct your own research too. If you have an experience that you think we should know about, do contact us.


For online estate agents: We record the exact time of our calls so that you can verify how the call was handled. For greater insight, we can also record telephone calls but before doing this we need your consent. If you believe this will enable you to offer better customer service, get in touch.