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Awful service - Not a full service agent

Apr 19, 2017 by Michael Turner

Its best to start off with the good stuff because that is pretty quick.
- The photographer took some lovely photos that really made the place look good.
- Viewing request system via text message excellent, with ability to manage availability directly online is excellent (if a little clunky) If things change - you’re only a phone call away to change things.
- General good at answering the phone promptly

So on to the bad stuff. Do NOT give eMoov your money upfront, I made this mistake and lost it all. They are not a full service estate agent, they are far from it.
- The accelerator package I paid extra for a dedicated contact. A great concept that was horrendously executed. The person allocated was the team leader, as a result she was often way too busy. She just didn't have the time to deliver quality, as she rushed things. I had to ask to get a description created for my property (full service?!) and when she sent it to me she didn't even get the number of rooms right, let alone the rest of the description which contained grammatical and spelling errors.
- There was no selling strategy. When I called up asking how do I go about marketing this to sell at a good price, they really didn't have a clue. It felt like it was all guess work and they really didn't have any experience. Again - dedicated person, full service, yet not a clue. When I asked for suggestions on improving the listing they used words like "Make it more competitive" or "Add photos". These are really unhelpful comments when you're expecting them to guide you, those suggestions are generic and could be applied to any listing.
- I paid for a feature listing on Rightmove. They didn't activate this until I called up and asked why it hadn't been activated.
- After asking them to activate my listing, the system didn’t list my price correctly. I had it set to Offers In Region Of, but it was published as Offers In Excess Off. The initial publishing is critical as that is what goes into the email alerts from Right Move. Getting that wrong probably hurt my initial marketing. Again - a phone call and it was fixed promptly, just too late to fix the alerts already sent out.
- Trying to get feedback from viewers was almost impossible. It felt like eMoov weren’t trying initially - it was only after I chased up several times that they appeared to try to call those who viewed rather than depend upon email requests for feedback.
- The website generally seems OK - it just has some odd quirks and bugs. On several occasions the website gave errors or didn't work.
- The photos, while very nice were with an incredible wide angle lens. This gave the impression the house was much larger than it really was. In addition the photographer REFUSED to take a photo of my garage. When you live in London a drive way and garage is absolutely essential. This was a key selling point that they wouldn't include. I ended up having to take the photo myself.

Quite simply - they aren't a full service estate agent, despite claiming to be so. When you challenge them on things they tell you that you have to do it yourself. Well I'm sorry - but that isn't full service is it!

I ended up using a bricks and mortar estate agent. They took good (but realistic) pictures. They took photos of the garage from the start. They created all the text to sell the property. The sat down with me and created a marketing strategy to get the best price for the house. They followed up with each viewer and let me know the feedback. They had a strategy - all the things that eMoov lack.

I went in to using eMoov expecting to do some of the work myself. What I got was dumped in with zero real help, and the feeling that I knew more about creating a listing than they did (at least I got the number of rooms right!).

Very amatuer

Feb 21, 2017 by Dean

Selling my home through them I experienced 'tyre kicker' buyers, i.e buyers who could not afford my home, were not serious and some who made ridiculous offers. The cause was eMoov made no effort to qualify buyers at all.
Couple this 'Viewing Team Leader' failing to listen to my concerns with the above, talking over me and showing no customer service or diplomacy skills at all. Also add that the feedback you get from eMoov is practically non existent, you do the chasing your self if seems. Definitely one to avoid in my view.

Not really trying

Jul 17, 2016 by Amjad

I have my home on with emoov at the moment. However, following 2 viewings and little feedback I'm of the opinion they're not trying hard to promote and raise interest to sell my house.

Appalling communication

Jul 09, 2016 by Rita Laurence

Appalling communication received which included promised call backs that never happened, few or no update throughout sales process. Made a formal complaint but little changed. Point to note trust pilot failed to include my negative review!!!

Trusted Agents.org.uk , UK 1.5 2.0 4 4 Its best to start off with the good stuff because that is pretty quick.- The photographer took some lovely photos that really made the place look good.- Viewing request system